Meet Calico The Bear!

We would like to thank Brachers LLP for their generous donation towards our Calico Bears project! We designed the Calico bears to provide comfort to children who have witnessed or been affected by domestic abuse, and they have already made a significant impact during our sessions! We are incredibly grateful for Brachers LLP’s support in helping us make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children.

As mentioned, the Calico bears have already proved to be a resounding success with the children. We took a Calico bear to a school and introduced it to one of the children. We explained that the bear was named after the cloth comforter that some children use instead of a dummy and that he was there to help by listening to her. She held the bear throughout the session and chatted away. It was clear that the Calico bear had made a real difference in helping her feel safe and comfortable.

The Calico bear is an essential part of our mission to support children affected by domestic abuse. We know that these children need a sense of security and comfort, and we believe that the Calico bears provide just that! The bears will accompany us to all our sessions, and at the final session, we will give one to each child to keep, providing them with a source of comfort even after our sessions have ended.

It is thanks to the support of individuals and organisations like Brachers LLP that we are able to continue our important work in supporting vulnerable children. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of these children!