Calico The Bear

Meet Calico The Bear! We would like to thank Brachers LLP for their generous donation towards our Calico Bears project! We designed the Calico bears to provide comfort to children who have witnessed or been affected by domestic abuse, and they have already made a significant impact during our sessions! We are incredibly grateful

New Kent Police Domestic Abuse Model

New Kent Police Domestic Abuse Model In 2021, Kent Police responded to over 40,000 calls into the control room relating to Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse is a key part of the Violence Against Women and Girls strategy however, Domestic Abuse can affect all, men, women, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, colleagues, and friends. Kent Police is

8 Ways to Talk to Children

8 Ways to Talk to Children 1. Take the lead The majority of children find it difficult to open up on issues that they have. 2. Start with a message of support Start by saying something like 'it's okay to be nervous' OR 'I'm here if you need someone to listen to'. 3. Find

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