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Claire Hadlow

Volunteering for Child’s Vision has been amazing, I have learnt so much, in the office, I help out with emails, taking calls, help out with fundraising events and loads of other bits.

I love the 1:1 school support sessions, you can see when the children come into the first session they are all shy, hiding behind their hair or not wanting to talk much, to the last session where they come in all happy, laughing and completely enjoying life. It’s just such a privilege to volunteer with Child’s Vision, to know that I am helping these children become happy with life and understand their emotions.


Rachel Pang

My life as a 1:1 support worker for Child’s Vision has been an amazing opportunity to work with children and young adults.

The children feel safe because they are allowed to chat in a safe place when they need support in their young lives. Being able to give a child some time, a listening ear, understanding and a shoulder to lean on has been a privilege. We have fun as well, drawing and playing games which means we both have a positive and rewarding experience.


Sharon Gambell

My life as a volunteer for Child’s Vision.

Hi, my name is Sharon and I have been a volunteer for Child’s Vision for 5 years. My current role is office manager, although I also support children 1:1 and facilitate programmes.

I love being a part of the team and enjoy the opportunities volunteering has to offer. I find volunteering highly rewarding, with the benefit of meeting new people, learning new skills, and helping make a difference to someone’s life. I have learnt so much about the subject of domestic abuse, and I have pushed and expanded my personal abilities and knowledge. An hour a week, doesn’t seem a lot but it can make a big difference.


Vicky Ojo-Igbinoba

My day as a volunteer with Child’s Vision.

Hi, I am Vicky. I work as a volunteer support worker for Child’s Vision and facilitate the freedom programme.

In the freedom programme, I get to interact with children via Zoom and I teach them about healthy and unhealthy behaviours with the use of our beautiful, colourful dragons. Also, I help in the office with admin support.

Overall, working as a volunteer for Child’s Vision is a lovely experience.

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