The Strategy

The overall aim of the Domestic Abuse Strategy is to reduce the prevalence of domestic abuse, and ensure that where domestic abuse takes place, all those affected get the right support, quickly.

The strategy outlines how to deliver the most appropriate responses to anyone affected by domestic abuse in Kent and Medway irrespective of gender identity, sex, age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion; and will focus on preventing and responding through the following five key priorities:

5 Key Priorities:

  • Driving change together.
    Recognising the adverse impact of domestic abuse on society, and the need to promote change through joint commitment, leadership and partnership working.

  • Prevention and early intervention.
    Reduce the incidence of domestic abuse through effective preventative educational programmes, a skilled and resourced workforce and promotion of a culture of prevention, and earlier intervention at societal, governmental and local levels.

  • Provision of services.

    Responsive, effective services for individuals and/or groups at risk of, or subject to, domestic abuse and its reoccurrence.

  • Minimising harm.
    Providing positive outcomes and promoting equality of access for all survivors of domestic abuse. Recognising and reducing barriers to reporting. Supporting a person or family through longer term support needs.

  • Justice, recovery and ongoing protection.
    Provision of effective, engaged, supportive, responsive and timely protection and justice.

See for Yourself

The BSL translation of the Kent & Medway DA Partnership Strategy that is now available and can be watched below. This video translation makes our partnership’s commitments to victims of domestic abuse much more accessible to BSL speakers.