Our Testimonials

“I think that what you do is incredibly important and just wanted to thank you for the great work you all do.”

Support Worker, PORCHLIGHT

“Thank you so much for the support you have shown to the family, I feel it has been so pivotal to their improved relationship and mental health.” 


“I feel more positive. Speaking to others in the same/similar situation as me. Being able to understand how my child is feeling. Seeing them open up and express their feelings. I’ve found it easier to speak as each week has gone on.”

Parent, Completing DART Programme

“Childs Vision is a fantastic charity supporting children affected by domestic abuse in Swale. I’ve now worked with them through a couple of my families and the support offered is fantastic and they really are passionate about what they do. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Support Worker, PORCHLIGHT

“I hadn’t heard of anything like this charity before. After being put on a roller-coaster ride and not knowing what was happening, myself and my children were put in touch with child vision. This really has been a positive venture. The DART programme has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me speak openly to strangers, (which isn’t me) The charity has given me an my daughter the opportunity to build on our relationship and for me to understand just how much she has been affected. BEST CHARITY EVER TO HELP YOUR CHILD HAVE A VOICE AND BE LISTENED TO!!”

Parent, Completing DART Programme

I have seen first-hand how the work you and your team do, has an enormous impact on children who have experienced/witnessed things that no young person should ever be exposed to.

That in turn changes how they react in challenging situations and enables them to begin forming positive relationships for the first time in their lives.

Thank you!

Sara Tozer, Independent therapeutic play specialist

I just wanted to say a big thank you as my son benefitted from doing this course. He has used it to recognise things a couple of times and I’m proud of him. He also asked if he could help other children that have been through
similar situations, I said I could ask and see if you ever needed a
little voice, he is willing to help.

Parent, Of child who took part in the Freedom Programme