New Kent Police Domestic Abuse Model

In 2021, Kent Police responded to over 40,000 calls into the control room relating to Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse is a key part of the Violence Against Women and Girls strategy however, Domestic Abuse can affect all, men, women, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, colleagues, and friends. Kent Police is constantly seeking new ways to ensure DA victims receive the best service possible. As a result, Kent Police are bringing new changes to provide a more intuitive response to victims of Domestic Abuse. These will lead to changes in how some domestic abuse incidents are dealt with. Below is a summary of the changes which will take effect from May 2022 onwards.

Creation of new Proactive Domestic Abuse teams

These proactive teams will specifically focus on those offenders posing the greatest harm, they will:

  • Target DA offenders using an ‘Achilles’ heel’ approach to tackle offending.
  • Work with our partners to identify the best ‘problem solving’ approach to manage offenders through diversion, arrest, or control.
  • Provide coordinated support to DA victims.
  • Coordinate arrest functions to maximise effective response

  • Identify and refer suitable individuals to the perpetrator programme. 

Creation of Domestic Abuse Hub

The Domestic Abuse Hub will operate 7 days a week 8am – 10pm, the peak times for DA calls for service. It will become the centre of excellence for Domestic Abuse and will:

  • Utilise video technology and telephony to virtually respond to suitable DA calls. This service will be available for non-immediate calls only and only where the caller consents. Victims can speak with an officer over a video or phone (their choice) whereby immediate evidence can be secured and an immediate risk assessment made.
  • Signpost victims and refer to the most appropriate support service.
  • Own and manage the ‘Right to ask, right to know’ processes.

Creation of Domestic Abuse Liaison Officers (DALO’s)

A new role of Domestic Abuse Liaison Officer will be introduced. The role to be piloted first in Medway before established force wide. A DALO will:

  • Provide consistent and coordinated support to safeguard victims most at risk from repeat offending, especially those reticent to engage.
  • Respond swiftly in response to incidents, working in tandem with the officer in the case to secure golden hour evidence from victims, including video evidence.

  • Carry out bespoke victim needs assessments and maintain contact in accordance with victims’ needs and wishes.
  • Signpost and deploy a full range of appropriate IDVA services.
  • Carry out hidden harm visits to repeat victims to ensure safeguarding and arresting offenders where appropriate.
  • Refer into and engage fully with MARAC, MATAC and MASIP processes. 


Each aspect of the new model will be implemented in phases between May 2022 and January 2023, with full evaluation at each stage to ensure best outcomes for victims.


Assistant Chief Constable Tracey Harman has strategic governance for these new DA changes. More information can be requested from Detective Chief Superintendent Samantha Price or Superintendent Ed Ruffle on