Your Legacy Could Make an Incredible Difference

We all hope for dignity and peace in the final season of our lives. Here at Child’s Vision, we’ve made it our mission to help and support children that have witnessed or have been affected by domestic abuse.

Can I Help?

One of your lasting and most impactful legacies could be your ability to help by making Child’s Vision a benefactor in your will. Your donation will be a source of hope and help to our cause, their families and our team while enabling us to continue our valuable work in the community.

I want to help but I don’t have a Will. Where do I get one?

We understand that writing your Will probably feels like a mammoth undertaking. You’re worried it will be time-consuming, costly, and full of complicated legal jargon. No wonder you’ve put it off this long.

That is why we’ve partnered with Will specialists Squiggle to make your will-writing process so much easier.

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Forget the £250 usually associated with a simple Will from a qualified Estate Planning Consultant. Forget having to go to a legal office and sit through a complicated meeting to get everything drawn up. With Squiggle, you can write your will for free in the comfort of your own home as part of this exclusive offer for Child’s Vision supporters.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply choose a timeslot that works for you, and a Squiggle Consultant will give you all the help you need. They’ll run through a complete fact-finding consultation to ensure all your needs are covered, but you are in no way obligated to take up any additional services. And you’re not even obliged to give a specific donation to Child’s Vision any support no matter how big or how small, or even whether it is now or in your will, any donation is greatly appreciated.

You can complete your Will in four easy steps:

  • You meet with a Squiggle Consultant

  • You instruct them to complete your will for free
  • You approve (or make changes to) your draft will

  • You get it signed!

With Squiggle, every will is proofread and approved by a qualified specialist and, once signed and witnessed, it will be legally binding. Squiggle will even store it for free, giving you a copy for your records. So, you’ll know you’re set and that everything will be taken care of when the time comes, and your donation to Child’s Vision will have the much-appreciated impact that you want it to.

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